# MacOS + Homebrew
$ brew install tig --HEAD
# Ubuntu
$ sudo apt install tig


Command Description
tig status Status
tig blame FILE Blame
tig master Show a branch
tig test..master Show difference between two branches
tig FILE Show history of file
tig v0.0.3:README Show contents of file in a specific revision
tig -C /repo/path Run in dir /repo/path (like git -C)

You can substitute git logtig.

Shortcut keys

Switching views

m Main view
s Status
t Tree (files)
y Stash view
g Grep
h Help

All views

Shortcut Description
j k Up/down
J K Next/previous
< Back
R Refresh
q Close
Q Close all
^N Next on parent view
^P Previous on parent view

m - Main view

D Toggle date display modes
A Toggle author display modes
X Toggle commit sha
C Cherry pick a commit

s - Stage view

u Stage/unstage file or chunk
! Revert file or chunk
C Commit
M Merge
1 Stage line
[ ] Increase/decrease the diff context

h - Branch view

i Change sort header

h - Blame view

, Parent commit
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